Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement


Much of the information gathered from users will be stored electronically in secure data centers to protect the rights to privacy of all the visitors and all customers’ information and some are stored in paper files kept in locked cabinets. We also use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption and enforce that only authorized personnel have access to these data, encrypted or otherwise, to fulfill their jobs.


When you visit the website and/opt in to our online loan application service, you automatically consent to the collection, storage, analysis and manipulation of your data information for business purposes.

Data Information

Information voluntarily provided through the online application process such as: Full Name, Address (temporary and/or permanent), contact numbers, email, names of relatives or character references, work address, work status, ID number, and salary details (supported by payslips) will be used to assess the real identity and credit worthiness of the loan applicant.

Use of Information

All information gathered are considered confidential and will exclusively be used for Lendup business processes. Any information shared to its business partner, DELTAPEAK Lending Inc. or third party service providers are bound by contract to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and to use only as permitted or allowed in accordance to our agreement. All information gathered are not for sale and will only be used as analytic tools for the approval of the loan requests.

Information may also be shared to certain authorities, locally or overseas, in order to detect and prevent terrorism and with regulatory and government agencies, but not limited to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Ombudsman as may be required to do so.

Information of delinquent Loan Applicants, who had defaulted on their obligations and despite numerous reminders failed to settle, shall likewise be shared and will no longer be considered as confidential.

Change of Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time with date stamp, without the need of notice, which are necessary for our business requirements or by the law and encourages you to visit the site to update yourself with the current Privacy Policy.

Questions and Complaints

For your inquiries, concerns and complaints about this Privacy Policy or use of your personal information, please contact us at (02) 833-3453.

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